This is a guide that provides you with the required steps needed to get your first email campaign out to your customers. Each step below contains links to other help articles that will assist you completing each one. Here's what you need to do:

1. Add your email address or domain (to send emails from)

If you have already setup your email address or domain to send emails from, please skip this step. If you haven't yet, please proceed to this help guide to set it up. The process will take a couple of minutes.

2. Create your first customer list

Follow the instructions in this help guide to create a new customer emailing list.

3. Add subscribers to your list

To add subscribers to your list, follow the guide here. The article will show you how to either:

  1. Import contacts via CSV
  2. Add contacts manually
  3. Allow contacts to add themselves by:
    1. Embedding sign up forms on your website
    2. Redirect them to a hosted sign up form page (hosted on our website)

4. Send email campaign

Once you have subscribers/contacts added to a list, you can send all of them an email. Please follow this guide to help you send an email campaign out.