Create a new customer email list

Step 1: Open the Lists tab from your Studiorific Campaign Dashboard

  • Click on the "Lists" menu option from the top navigation menu
  • Click on "Create list button", shown on the right side near the top

Step 2: Specify your email options & contact information & list settings

  • Under the "Identity" section, specify:
    • Name: name of the list itself. Choose a name that you can recognize it by.
    • From email: this is the email address that emails would be sent from.
    • Default from name: this is the name associated with the email that your customers would see when they receive your emails.
  • Under the "Contact information" section, fill the required field associated with your address.
  • Under the "Settings", you have the following options. The content of these emails will be made available for you to edit after the list is created. You may also choose not to edit the content and let our system default to our generic emails for them.
    • Send subscription confirmation email (Double Opt-In)
    • Send unsubscribe notification to subscribers
    • Send a final welcome email
  • Click Save to create the list.
    • Once the list is created there are many options for you to edit it and manage its subscribers.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your list!