This guide will help you add new contacts to your list in bulk using a CSV import.

How to import contacts using CSV

Here are the needed steps

Step 1: Locate the list you wish to add contacts to

  • Open up your Studiorific Campaign Dashboard
  • Click on "Lists" from the top navigation menu
  • From the list of Lists, click on the list you wish to add subscribers to. In the screenshot below, I select my "Test Test" list for example.

    Screenshot #1: List detail view of "Test Test" list. Highlighted below is the Subscribers menu.

Step 2: Click on "Import" option from the Subscribers menu

  • After having landing on the details of the list you wish to add subscribers to, click on "Subscribers" tab to display its drop down menu options. The menu is highlighted in Screenshot #1 above.
  • Select "Import" option from that drop down list. You will be redirected to the import page, shown in Screenshot #2 below.
  • Highlighted below is a link to a sample CSV file whose format you need to follow in order to import subscribers successfully.

    Screenshot #2: List subscribers details view.

Step 3: Fill in the details of your contacts/customers in the CSV file

  • Click on the Sample.csv link to download the sample file that you can use to fill in the details for your contacts/subscribers.
  • If you open the CSV files, it should look similar to the screenshot below (Note that you do not need Microsoft Excel to edit csv files).
  • You can either re-use the same file to fill in your details or follow the same structure that this file follows.
    • Keep the headers of the file as is.
    • Every contact should occupy a separate row.
    • By default first and last name are not required fields and may be left empty. However, we recommend that you fill in this information when available as these names can be used to address your customers through. Email is a required field.
    • If you choose to re-use this sample file, make sure that you clear out the sample contacts shown in Screenshot #3 below.

      Screenshot #3: Sample.csv opened in Microsoft Excel.

Please make sure that you keep the headers as is. They should be left in this order and should be left capitalized and with underscores.

Step 4: Upload CSV file to import contacts

  • Once your contacts csv file has been filled with your full list of contacts from the previous step, you need to upload the file.
  • In order to upload it, click on the file input filed under the "Import subscribers" section, as shown in screenshot #4 below, then locate the file from your computer and select it.
  • Click the "Import" button to import in bulk.
  • The upload and import process will begin then. You can follow the import's progress as shown in Screenshot #5 down the page.
  • Once the import is complete, it will show up as having completed by 100%. 
  • You can verify that the import went successfully by checking the list of Subscribers.

    Screenshot #4: To upload file, click anywhere within the highlighted section below.

    Screenshot #5: The import process has a progress bar to update you on the progress of importing contacts


That's all you need to know about importing contacts/subscribers in bulk via a CSV file.