This guide will walk you through the steps required to add a custom role and use it.

Creating a custom user Role & Permissions

Step 1: Make sure that the default system roles do not satisfy your requirements

  • Before creating a new Role, it's best that you make sure that the default roles that come with the system do not meet your needs and warrant the creation of a new Role with custom permissions.

Step 2: Create a new role and set its permissions

  • You must be logged in as the Admin of the company in order to be able to complete this step.
  • Head over to Roles and Permissions Settings page from the Admin panel or click:
  • Click on Manage Roles button, shown in the screenshot below

  • Type in the name that you'd like to give for this new Role:

  • Click on Permissions to set the permissions associated with this new Role. The page automatically saves your selections.
  • Once the page loads, toggle the permissions you wish to associate with this user.

Step 3: Assign role to User

  • In order to assign a Role to a User, click on the Members button in the middle of the screen.

  • Select the Users you wish to assign this Role and Save.

Be sure to only assign the correct roles and permissions to users to avoid any leakage of sensitive information.